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Commercial and multifamily new construction grants

Build your new business using energy-efficient systems
for less

PSE’s commercial and multifamily new construction program supports business owners and developers with an array of financial incentives to reduce energy costs.

Save up to 100 percent of your cost beyond current energy codes, while incorporating state-of-the-art, energy-efficient equipment.

What you get

The total value of your new construction grant depends on your estimation approach, which a PSE Energy Management Engineer (EME) can help you choose:

Grant Estimation Approach Grant Applies To… Grant Value Grant Maximum
Whole-building custom approach Equipment and installation $0.30 per annual kWh savings and $5.00 per annual therm savings compared to code-baseline or standard practice system. No Maximum
Lighting power density reduction All lighting except residential in-unit $0.20 per annual kWh savings compared to code-baseline from the WSEC Lighting Compliance worksheet No Maximum
Prescriptive incentives/rebates
Commercial kitchen, laundry and HVAC Standard PSE incentives available for various systems of business sites in construction Contact your PSE representative for details
For multifamily
Clothes washer, ENERGY STAR® or better
$100 each
For multifamily
Showerhead, in-unit: 1.5 GPM max
$25 each
For multifamily
Showerhead, in-unit: 1.75 GPM max
$15 each
Custom approach Energy-efficient equipment that saves energy above WSEC Up to$0.30 per annual kWh and $5.00 per annual therm saved compared to code-baseline or standard practice system, subject to PSE cost-effectiveness standards. Examples include condensing boilers, exterior lighting, heat recovery, demand control ventilation, etc. Up to 100 percent of the cost to build beyond current energy code or standard practice
Post-occupancy building commissioning Post-occupancy commissioning fees only $0.35/sq. ft. for third-party, post-occupancy building commissioning per current energy code that are served by all of PSE services. For PSE electric only customers, the incentive is $0.25/sq. ft. For PSE gas only customers, the incentive is $0.15/sq. ft. Up to 75 percent of commissioning agent's post-occupancy fees

In addition to grant savings, PSE can also assist with lowering ongoing operation cost projections for your project, which in turn could help you get more favorable financing rates from potential lenders.

To be connected with an EME near you, call an Energy Advisor at 1-800-562-1482, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Incentive examples

How to qualify

How to apply

Case study: Swedish Medical Center

As Swedish Health Services and Hammes Company planned a new, 550,000-square-foot medical campus in Issaquah, PSE's new construction grants helped finance what may be the most energy-efficient medical campus in the Northwest.

Read more to find out how much Swedish Health Services' investment saved them on their yearly energy costs.

A utility data release form authorizes PSE to distribute energy usage and billing information to third parties such as contractors and commissioning agents. Contact a PSE Energy Advisor to verify if this is required for your grant.