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Multifamily retrofit incentives

Save with efficiency upgrades for condos or managed properties

If you own or manage a multifamily property such as a condominium or apartment, you can lower your bills and reduce your overall energy usage with energy-efficient in-unit and common area equipment. And with PSE's multifamily retrofit incentives, you'll save on the cost of upgrades.

For a summary of this program, you can view or download our multifamily retrofit brochure.

If your property has four or fewer attached units, visit our single-family Rebates & offers section.

If you are constructing a new multifamily or mixed-use property, visit our Multifamily new construction section.

If you are a PSE Contractor Alliance Network (CAN) member doing retrofit work on multifamily properties, you can register here for the Multifamily Contractor Portal. Through the portal, you will be able to submit project paperwork and track the status of your projects.

What you get

Free energy assessment

Free, in-unit direct install measures

Electric incentives*

Natural gas incentives*

How to qualify

How to apply

To apply for PSE's multifamily retrofit incentives, call a PSE representative at 1-866-997-9767 or send an email to multifamilyretrofit@pse.com.

Strategic Energy Management

SEM provides a behavior-based approach to energy efficiency that focuses on operational improvements, facility maintenance practices, and attention to energy data to make your buildings as energy- and cost-efficient as possible. Find out more here.

Direct install online survey

If you receive any free direct install measures in your home, please participate in our direct install online survey.

* Incentives are dependent on installed equipment efficiency and energy type provided by PSE. These programs are tariffed services, and are subject to change or termination without prior notice. PSE has not made implied or express warranties or representations with regard to the products or energy savings listed in this document from the installation of the products.