Advanced Rooftop Controls (ARC)

Manage your rooftop units more efficiently

An Advanced Rooftop Unit Control (ARC) is an energy-saving retrofit solution for constant volume, single-zone packaged rooftop equipment. These controls work with various rooftop unit (RTU) manufacturers, have the ability to control and monitor RTUs via the Internet, and can reduce heating and cooling expenses by more than 50 percent. For more details about the ARCs, please download our ARC fact sheet.

What you get

PSE, Seattle City Light, Snohomish County PUD and Tacoma Power offer energy rebates, up to 100% of the total cost, for adding Advanced Rooftop Controls to constant volume rooftop units.

Cooling capacity
5 tons to <10 tons
Natural gas$1,500 per unit

10 tons to 20 tons
Natural gas$2,500 per unit

>20 tons
Natural gas$4,500 per unit

Cooling capacity
5 tons to <10 tons
Natural gas$800 per unit

10 tons to 20 tons
Natural gas$1,000 per unit

>20 tons
Natural gas$2,000 per unit

Cooling capacity
<5 tons
Natural gas$500 per unit

Please refer to the full rebate application for further details. Rebate cannot exceed the pre-tax purchase price of any rebated product.

Your project may be eligible for an additional $200 bonus for qualified connected thermostats.

How you qualify

Equipment requirements

The existing RTU must have the following characteristics:

  • Be packaged unitary equipment (no split systems).
  • Have greater than five tons of cooling capacity, except for ARC Single Phase equipment.
  • Constant speed supply fan (RTUs with variable speed fans are not eligible).
  • >20 years old and in good working order.

When planning your ARC retrofit, please verify that you’re using a qualifying product that is eligible for an incentive.

Qualifying products must have the following components for each incentive category:

  • A VFD and controller for variable speed fan operation, or a multispeed motor and controller for multispeed fan operation
  • A controller with digital, integrated economizer controls, and
  • Demand Control Ventilation based on CO2 sensor readings.

A VFD and controller for variable speed fan operation, or a multispeed motor and controller for multispeed fan operation

An ECM motor or VFD and controller for variable speed fan operation.

Project requirements

To be eligible for PSE’s ARC retrofit incentives:

  • Your heating fuel may be electric or gas, but you must be a PSE electric customer.
  • Your rebate application must be submitted within 30 days of equipment installation.
  • Your rebate application must include a rebate form, a final invoice that includes itemized ARC equipment, a W9 tax form, and proof of ARC installation (pictures).

Projects that do not meet requirements may be eligible for a custom incentive. For more information, contact a PSE Energy Advisor or call 1-800-562-1482.

For help verifying your qualifications, send an email to

How you apply

To apply for the program, please submit an electronic copy of the ARC Rebate Application and required documentation to

Additional information

PSE is partnering with Energy Solutions, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), and the U.S. Department of Energy (U.S. DOE) on an ARC Data Collection and Monitoring Pilot through December 2021. This pilot will collect and analyze anonymized energy monitoring data for ARC projects submitted via this rebate process. Personally identifiable information such as customer name and contact information is not collected through this pilot. Customers applying for a PSE ARC rebate after the start of the pilot are automatically enrolled in the pilot and may opt out at any time unless otherwise determined by PSE. All other commercial PSE customers with qualifying ARC systems may opt in to the pilot at any time.

Until the COVID-19 pandemic ends, PSE recommends reviewing the latest ASHRAE guidance on increasing the outside air volume of your rooftop units with your HVAC contractor or building maintenance engineer.


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