Business Lighting New Construction

Earn incentives for new construction projects

Earn substantial incentives through PSE's Business Lighting program for new construction projects that incorporate energy-efficient lighting and control strategies that are better than energy code requirements. If you're already planning an energy-efficient new construction lighting project, let us help you pay for it.

What is Business Lighting New Construction?

Business Lighting New Construction (BLnc) uses the 2018 Washington State Energy Code (2018 WSEC) for calculating the lighting baseline and incentives for projects. The total value of your BLnc incentive will depend on the first-year energy savings of your project compared to the 2018 WSEC baseline. The designed lighting power allowance (LPA) must be at least 5% more efficient than the stated 2018 WSEC LPA to qualify.

What you get

Interior and exterior lighting incentives
LED fixtures
Electric$0.30 per kWh

LED fixtures with LLLC, NLC, or AELC automatic controls
Electric$0.50 per kWh

Interior LLLC fixtures (within daylight zones)
Electric$100 per fixture bonus

Interior LLLC fixtures (outside daylight zones)
Electric$50 per fixture bonus

Interior NLC fixtures
Electric$50 per fixture bonus

Advanced Exterior Lighting Control (AELC)
Electric$75 per fixture bonus

How you qualify

To be eligible for Business Lighting New Construction incentives:

  • Your business site must be within PSE's electric service area.
  • Your business site must be for commercial or industrial use.
  • The project must be in the design phase, construction phase or completed within the past six months.
  • The project must be reviewed by PSE staff before a grant is guaranteed.

How you apply

To be approved for a conservation incentive, all projects require PSE written approval before incentive is approved.

Download and complete the current Business Lighting standard Application.

On the project page of the Excel document, select "New Construction" in the project type box. Because the BLnc program uses the 2018 energy code, you will be required to know and enter the square footage of the interior spaces and/or the exterior areas that you are applying for.

Submit the following items to

  • The Business Lighting Application (.XLSX)
  • Print and sign the signature page from the application (.PDF)
  • A signed and completed current taxpayer identification form (IRS form W-9 rev 2018)
  • The manufacturer specification sheets of all lighting products included in the project (.PDFs)
  • Building plans showing lighting layout and square footage of each space
  • Copy of the Washington State Energy Code compliance forms (if available)

After PSE reviews and approves the application, you will be sent a grant agreement (a contract), which must be signed and returned to PSE within 90 days of receipt to ensure your application and the incentive amount are approved.

New construction lighting project applications must be submitted within six months of installation. Applications can be submitted during the design and construction phases but will not be paid until project completion.

The total value of your Business Lighting incentive depends on the size and scope of your project.

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Additional information

PSE has additional incentives for retrofit and tenant improvement lighting projects. Visit for more information.

A PSE team member will review your application and coordinate meetings between PSE and your team to review design decisions and project specifics. Your project's design details are reviewed so that PSE can determine your eligibility, make energy-efficiency recommendations and estimate your incentive value.