Inpatient drug and alcohol treatment

Employees who enter an inpatient drug and alcohol treatment program may be eligible for coverage under PSE’s benefits plan for short-term disability as well as family medical leave. Short-term disability coverage provides 80 percent wage replacement. Family medical leave provides job protection.

To avoid being absent without leave (AWOL), you or a person you designate must notify the following individuals that you are seeking a medical leave of absence. Being AWOL is a serious concern. If PSE finds that you have been AWOL, you may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

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1-877 8-OFFWORK (1-877-863-3967)

You must notify MetLife to apply for your leave. It is absolutely necessary that you notify MetLife on how they can contact your drug and alcohol treatment provider so they can obtain necessary documentation to support your need for time off work and for short-term disability benefits. Your compliance with treatment is required for short-term disability benefits. If the required medical documentation is not received by MetLife within 15 days, your leave and wage replacement benefits may be denied.

Your supervisor

You do not need to explain to your supervisor or manager why you need a medical leave, but your supervisor needs to know you have a medical need to be off work. You are required to follow the absence procedures of your workgroup, and if applicable, the union contract requirements.

The Leaves and Accommodations Department in PSE Human Resources

Call 425-456-2139 with information regarding how you can be reached during your inpatient treatment in case there are any concerns about your leave or benefits. This includes a phone number and mailing address. You will be expected to respond to calls from the Leaves and Accommodations staff.

Your regular doctor

Be sure your doctor is informed what inpatient program you are in and how to communicate with the providers there.

Please notify MetLife of any request for an extension of your leave, your return to work plans or other changes in your leave status. MetLife will notify the Leaves and Accommodations Department and your supervisor of changes in your leave status.

If you are not sure how to make phone calls while in the program, ask the program staff for assistance.

When you are able to return to work, please refer to the return to work instructions from MetLife.

Failure to follow the procedures above can result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.