Returning to work

Employee checklist for returning to work following a medical leave of absence

Play this four-minute presentation about returning to work at PSE. (This presentation will automatically play in most web browsers. To play the presentation using Internet Explorer, follow these steps: After clicking the link, select “Save”, then select “Open”. This will not save the file to your computer.)

Please read the following information carefully. The steps below help employees return to work with proper pay and benefits.

Download the checklist in PDF format.

  • At least seven days prior to returning to work, employees must provide the release form named below according to the routing instructions on the bottom of the form.
    • If an employee's medical condition is covered by worker's compensation, his/her health care provider will need to complete the Physicians Activity Prescription form.
    • If an employee's medical condition is not covered by worker's compensation, his/her health care provider will need to complete the Return to Work form.
    • If an employee's medical condition is cognitive or psychiatric in nature, his/her health care provider will need to complete the Cognitive Behavioral Capacities Evaluation form.
  • If an employee's release to return to work includes any work restrictions or accommodations (which may include work schedule changes), PSE will need to evaluate the ability to provide job modifications. An employee will not be able to return to work until approved to do so. PSE supports reasonable accommodation and will provide assistance to aid the transition back to work.
  • Employees who have been absent for 60 days or more must complete either a DOT pre-employment drug test or a non-DOT re-entry drug test, depending on their job duties.

    The test must be completed within two business days after receiving notification from Human Resources. Employees will be called and given a location for their re-entry test at a PSE-approved collection site. They may not return to work until they have taken and passed the re-entry test. No exceptions will be made. Please note, employees should continue to take prescription medications that have been prescribed by their doctors.

    For more information, consult PSE’s Substance Abuse Plan for DOT-Covered Employees (DOT Substance Abuse Plan) and CPM-04 Appendix A.
  • Employees must notify their supervisors and follow the return to work procedures of their work group.
  • Employees must contact MetLife at 1-877-8OFFWORK (1-877-863-3967) or on the web at (first time users, see the registration flyer) the day they return to work and if taking additional time off work, after their return.
  • Employees who elect to drop benefit coverage during the unpaid portion of a family and medical leave or a worker's compensation leave must call the PSE Benefits Center to re-enroll. If they do not re-enroll, default benefits will be assigned and cannot be changed until the next annual open enrollment period. Default benefits are: “employee only” coverage in Kaiser Access PPO, basic dental, basic vision, basic life and basic long-term disability.

Important notes about pay

If employees have been absent 60 days or more, their short-term disability or worker's compensation time loss coverage will end on his/her release-to-return-to-work date. These benefits will not cover the time between the release date and PSE’s receipt of their mandatory drug test results. An employee who has available PTO and wishes to use it should notify PSE HR-Leaves. Otherwise, their time will be unpaid.