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Sound Transit is in the midst of building the most ambitious transit expansion in the country with their Link light rail, ST Express bus, Sounder commuter rail and Stride bus rapid transit services. These Sound Transit projects are in various phases of planning, design and construction, and will be ongoing for the next 15+ years.

In preparation for Sound Transit’s project construction, Puget Sound Energy and its contractors have been working to relocate/reroute existing electric and gas infrastructure, energize new bus, light rail and train stations, and much more.

Learn more about PSE’s work in support of Sound Transit’s Light Rail projects below.

PSE’s active Sound Transit Light Rail-related projects
Committed to keeping you informed

PSE works hard to minimize impacts when it comes to critical electric and gas infrastructure, and we are committed to keeping the affected community informed as our portion of Sound Transit’s projects progress.

If you have questions about our work in regards to Sound Transit’s expansion, or would like to schedule time to discuss our role or what to expect, please reach out to our project team.

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