Lower Snake River Wind Facility

Our newest and largest wind facility is located in southeast Washington, 15 miles west of Pomeroy, Garfield County. Map

The Lower Snake River project currently encompasses 149 wind turbines capable of generating 342.7 megawatts of electricity. Read more facts about the facility.


Discover the rural beauty of Garfield County and see our Lower Snake River turbines.

Please call 509-382-2043 for information about scheduling a guided tour. If you plan to get out of your car and walk the wind facility’s grounds, you need to register online or at Four Star Supply, The Last Resort Kampstore (www.thelastresortrv.com) or during the deer rifle season, at the Deadman Creek Store (www.deadmanc.com). If you registered online, you will need to pick up the access permit at the store you selected on the registration form.


Hunting, hiking, bird watching, walking the grounds and other recreational activities are permitted at the wind facility by written permission only in certain areas. Please register online here to enjoy access to these areas at the Lower Snake River Wind Facility. Separate access permits are required to access the Columbia County wind farms including PSE’s Hopkins Ridge, PacificCorp’s Marengo and Portland General Electric’s Tucannon River wind facilities.

Hunting FAQ

  • Lower Snake River hunting & access guidelines video
  • Can I access land in the Lower Snake River Wind Facility in Garfield County?

    Yes, but only to certain areas and with written permission. To get permission, complete the online application form or visit one of the stores listed on the registration page. Either way, you will need to complete the registration process and pick up the permits in person.

  • Can I access the Hopkins Ridge, Marengo and Tucannon River wind facilities in
    Columbia County?

    Yes, but it requires a different permit than the Lower Snake River permit. To get an access permit to the Columbia County wind farms please complete the PSE Hopkins Ridge online application form. You will need to go to The Last Resort Kampstore, Four Star Supply or The Circle K to complete the registration process and pick up the required permit, vehicle tag and map brochure.

  • What do I need to access Lower Snake River properties?

    First, register for access. If you register online, you will receive a confirmation e-mail instructing you to pick up final paperwork before hunting at the store you selected (Four Star Supply, The Last Resort Kampstore or Deadman Creek Store). Your final paperwork includes a signed permit, vehicle tag and map brochure. This permit gives you access only to areas colored green on the map.

  • Where can I hunt?

    To access the areas that require a landowner’s permission you will need to get the property owner's name and phone number from signs posted on their property. You must contact the landowner to obtain a permit, vehicle tag and map brochure. This permit gives you access only to areas colored yellow on the map.

    While hunting, you will be required to carry your signed permit, vehicle tag and map brochure which identify the access boundaries and access rules. All members in your hunting party must have all the required paperwork with them at all times, with the exception of minors under 16 who are not hunting; they can be listed on their guardian’s access permit.

    Minors under the age of 16 and who are hunting must have their own Access Permission Agreement, must have completed a hunter's safety course and it must be signed by their guardian.

    Public access is available within the Lower Snake River Wind Facility, but there are special rules in place to ensure the safety of hunters, local residents and wind facility workers. These public-access areas are marked on the Lower Snake River wind facility map brochure in green.

    Study the map and keep it with you to ensure you are within a hunting zone. Signs will be posted in some, but not all, locations. The map brochure is your best guide. The detailed map include GPS coordinates to help you locate your position. The hunting areas lie mostly on private land. Please follow the rules and respect the regulations so this access privilege continues.

  • Why are some areas open to access and others restricted?

    PSE leases land from private landowners and the state of Washington to operate the wind facility. Access is based on the landowners' permission.

    Green Areas

    Hunting areas are identified in green on the Wind Facility Area detail map brochure and labeled, “Access with Written Permission” (AWWP). These permits are obtained from local stores and are open to the public only after a permit is issued.

    Yellow Areas

    Areas that are shaded in yellow are also open to public hunting, but only with written permission from the landowner. These areas are marked as Access with Written Landowner Permission (AWWLP). Landowner names and phone numbers are posted on signs in these areas. Contact them and request a permit.

    Tan Areas

    Other landowners privately manage access on their lands and don’t allow general public hunting. These areas are marked on the map brochure in tan as PAU, or Public Access Unavailable. If you see hunters or hear gunfire coming from these areas, it is because the hunters have received landowner permission; it does not mean you are allowed to hunt in those areas.

    Red Areas

    Some private landowners do not want their land accessed. These lands are marked on the map brochure in red as Access Prohibited (AP). No access or hunting is allowed in these areas.

  • Why do I need to stop at Four Star Supply, The Last Resort Kampstore
    or Deadman Creek Store if I've completed the application online?

    At the store, you will be asked to complete the permit process by signing the Access Permission Agreement form. State game officials and local law enforcement also require that hunters provide picture identification if over 16-years-old, WILD Identification numbers and vehicle information. Finally, a map brochure and vehicle tag will be issued at the store and the corresponding number added to your permit. Each hunter will receive a copy to keep with him or her while on the properties and a copy will be kept on file.

    Four Star Supply The Last Resort Kampstore Deadman Creek Store
    2255 Villard St
    Pomeroy, Wash 99347
    2005 Tucannon Rd.
    Pomeroy, Wash 99347
    1581 Lower Deadman Rd.
    Pomeroy, Wash 99347
    Year-round Seasonal Seasonal
    Mon - Sat: 6 a.m. - 8 p.m.
    Sun: 7 a.m. - 8 p.m.
    Mar. 1 - Oct. 31:
    Mon - Thurs: 7:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.
    Fri - Sat: 7:30 a.m. - 7 p.m.
    Sun: 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.
    Nov. 1 - Feb. 28:
    Call for store hours
    Call for store hours

  • What are the PSE Lower Snake River Wind Facility access rules?

    The below rules apply while accessing the wind farm area. They are also in the permit and map brochure that you will carry with you while on the property.

    1. No hunting during wind turbine construction periods or posted closure periods.
    2. No access of any kind within 300 feet of the wind turbines, buildings or substations.
    3. No access of any kind within 1,000 feet of the wind turbines from the third Sunday of November through the third Sunday of February due to potential icing conditions.
    4. No pointing or shooting of any weapon at a target of any kind with people, wind turbines, overhead power lines, splice boxes, J-boxes, maintenance vehicles, signs, poles, fences, gates, maintenance facilities or a substation in your scope of view.
    5. No shooting from vehicles, across roads or from any maintained portion of wind facility access roads.
    6. No vehicle traffic of any kind is allowed on landowner property, except on county roads, unless authorized in writing by the landowner. Driving on wind turbine access roads is not allowed. This includes operation of off-road or all-terrain vehicles.
    7. No horses or pack animals are allowed on landowners' properties unless previously authorized in writing by the landowner.
    8. Do not block access gates or entrances. 9. All hunters must abide by Washington State Game Rules and Regulations.
    9. All access may be canceled by landowners whenever it is deemed necessary by landowners or property lessee.
    10. No overnight camping, parking or outdoor fires on landowner property unless previously authorized in writing by the landowner.
    11. Hanging vehicle tags must be clearly displayed and visible from outside of the vehicle when on private/landowner property.
    12. Your access permission agreement must be carried on your person while hunting within the Puget Sound Energy Lower Snake River Wind Facility area.
    13. Violation of any of these rules will result in loss of all access privileges and may also incur trespassing violations.
    14. Please consider removing gut piles or use lead-free ammunition to prevent attracting scavenging raptors to the wind farm area.

    To help ensure continued access to these lands, please report any violations of the rules or laws to the Garfield County

  • Can my children come?

    Yes. Please note that children who are hunting must have their own, signed permit. Only children who have completed a hunter's safety course are allowed to hunt. If your children are hunting and are under 16 years old a guardian must sign their permit. Children who are not hunting may be listed on their guardian’s access permit. All hunters are required to have a permit, regardless of age. Children over 16 years old are also required to show picture identification.