Green power is renewable power. It's power made from resources that are naturally replenishing like sunlight, flowing streams and cool breezes. It's also made from biogas, a by-product of modern living commonly released at dairy farms and landfills. These resources will not run out. They also have dramatically lower pollution rates than fossil fuels.

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Estimate your costs and learn about the environmental impact of your renewable power choices. By inputting your monthly electricity usage from your utility bill, you can calculate the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) you could offset through participation in the Green Power and Solar Choice programs as a residential customer. 

Green Power


*Carbon footprint reduction based on the difference between the PSE Green Power 2020 mix and Year 2020 PSE fuel mix. Green-e® Energy does not certify or verify carbon emissions claims or methodologies for calculating emissions related to biomass. **Based on the average PSE customer usage of 868 kWh/mo.


Any home or business in PSE's electric service area can match some or all of their electricity usage with green power. Participation lowers your carbon footprint with nothing to install or maintain. You just sign up and pay a little more each month. The extra cost is added to your bill and the power is added to the grid on your behalf. It is as simple as that. And unlike other clean energy providers, your account information stays right here with PSE.

Why PSE Green Power?

The PSE Green Power team is dedicated to finding power generator “projects” where your extra dollars can do the most good. We look for projects as close to you, the end user, as possible with an eye for providing additional benefits to the independent owners and surrounding communities.

Swauk Wind, Ellensburg
A wind farm whose income sponsors habitat restoration projects and covers property maintenance costs.
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Neal Hot Springs, Vale OR

One of only a handful of large-scale geothermal power plants in the country, producing enough energy to power 25,000 homes.

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PSE Green Power is Green-e® Energy certified, and meets the environmental and consumer-protection standards set forth by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions. Learn more at