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Smart thermostat rebate

Take control of your energy use and save

Manage your home's energy by purchasing a new smart thermostat at participating retail stores, including online retailers, or the PSE Online Marketplace and receive a $75 rebate on select models from PSE. Wi-Fi enabled smart thermostats work with your existing heating system to help you keep tabs on the temperature from anywhere via a mobile app. These thermostats are a great way to reduce energy use and lower your bill.

What you get

If you are eligible for this offer, you will receive:

rebates requirements
Qualifying smart thermostats
$75 rebate value
rebates requirements
Qualifying line voltage connected thermostats
$75 rebate value
How to qualify
customer requirements
Customer requirements
  • Must be a current Puget Sound Energy residential customer, with electric heat or natural gas heat provided by PSE.
how to qualify
Rebates requirements
  • Purchase, install and connect a new qualifying smart thermostat between now and 12/31/2022 to be eligible for the rebate.
  • Professionally provided and installed smart thermostats are also eligible.
  • Your rebate application must be submitted within 60 days of equipment purchase date.
  • Required documentation: Your PSE account number and an electronic image of your paid installation invoice or purchase receipt with manufacturer/brand and model number.
smart temp
Equipment requirements
For smart thermostats:

  • The qualified smart thermostat must be registered as connected with the manufacturer.
  • Must have a one-thermostat centralized home heating system using a heat pump, forced-air furnace or boiler.
  • Only one rebate per PSE residential customer.
  • PSE requires ENERGY STAR® certification for all smart thermostat models. To determine eligibility please check your model against the ENERGY STAR Smart Thermostat Certification, or check our list of qualified smart thermostats.

For line voltage connected thermostats:

  • Must heat with electric heat provided by PSE.
  • The qualified thermostat must be registered as connected with the manufacturer.
  • Line Voltage Connected Thermostats must be electronic with a thermistor temperature sensing element.
  • Must have a UA or CSA listed for use with zonal electric heater applications including one or more of the following: fan-forced, baseboard, wall or ceiling radiant.
  • Have 7-day programmable scheduling.
  • Utilize Wi-fi enabled (or via bridge) with remote access.
  • Informed by an outdoor air temperature sensor or internet weather data
  • Up to 5 rebates per PSE residential customer.
  • Check our list of qualified Line Voltage Connected Thermostats.
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To learn more about PSE’s Efficiency Boost program that provides increased rebates for income-qualified customers, click here.

PSE Marketplace

PSE Marketplace

Visit the PSE Marketplace to purchase a smart thermostat and receive your PSE $75 rebate instantly.

Must be a current PSE residential customer, with electric heat or natural gas heat provided by PSE to qualify for the instant rebate.

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