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Heating rebates and offers

Get cash back on energy-efficient heating systems

Replacing an inefficient heating system can save you money on energy bills and also improve the comfort of your home. Use PSE's heating rebates to make the purchase of an energy-efficient electric or natural gas heating system easier on your wallet.

Current PSE heating system rebates include:

These rebates apply to existing single family properties only. Single family new construction, multifamily (five or more attached units) and commercial accounts are not eligible. Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing.

Rebates for multifamily buildings, apartments or condos, click here.

To learn more about PSE’s Efficiency Boost program that provides increased rebates for income-qualified customers, click here.

Shopping for a new heat pump?

High-efficiency heat pumps are great option for upgrading your heating system even if you do not have electric resistance or electric forced air heating in your home. PSE works with manufacturers, distributors, and contractors to provide discounts on high efficiency heat pumps.

TIP: Speak with your contractor regarding how this discount might apply to your HVAC project.

Can IRA tax credits provide more savings?

Learn more about the Inflation Reduction Act, which offers federal tax credits for people working to cut their home energy use and adopt renewable energy.

Wood Stove Recycling

Did you know you can recycle your old wood stove? Visit Puget Sound Clean Air Agency for more details.

income-qualified higher rebates
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