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Clean Buildings Accelerator

PSE is offering a no-cost energy management acceleration program to help business owners who must comply with the Clean Buildings Law get a jump-start. The Accelerator program will familiarize participants with the following below as well as provide avenues for additional energy and carbon reduction. The virtual program features:

  • Guidance for Clean Buildings Law compliance
  • Assistance in setting up processes and tools like Energy Star Portfolio Manager and PSE’s EnergyCAP
  • Tailored coaching, scanning and prioritizing of energy-saving opportunities based on site specifics and organizational interests

Visit our FAQ link to learn about commonly asked questions.


Virtual Program Overview and Group Training Start Dates

Wednesday, September 7
10-11 a.m.
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Wednesday, September 14
9-11 a.m.
Group Training Start Enroll
Thursday, October 6
9-10 a.m.
Group Training Start Enroll
Wednesday, November 2
10-11 a.m.
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Sign up for the Clean Buildings Accelerator

PSE offers a no-cost program to help commercial building owners understand and structure their compliance with the Clean Buildings law. To learn more or to enroll please contact our partner, Stillwater Energy.


Accelerator program overview

PSE has thoughtfully reviewed the law and created a program to help customers comply AND achieve results. Learn more by viewing our Accelerator Overview video or through our step-by-step guide, Clean Buildings Accelerator.

Coffee chat 

Coffee chat
Commitment: One, 60 minute virtual orientation session

4-month sprint 

4-month sprint
Commitment: Monthly, 2-2.5 hour workshops for 4 months

  • Join cohort in a virtual workshop setting

Virtual energy 

Virtual energy scan
Commitment: One, 30 minute session

  • Energy scan with opportunity register creation

Cohort elevate workshop 

Cohort elevate workshop (quarterly for graduates)
Commitment: Three, 2-hour sessions over one year

  • Review successes and barriers for low/no cost energy measures
  • Identify continued areas of improvement
  • Evaluate savings model and ESPM dashboards

Coaching calls 

Coaching calls
Commitment: One, 30-min call per month

  • 1:1 tailored coaching with technical and organization experts
  • Overcome common barriers around implementing energy efficiency projects
  • Review energy data and understand trends in consumption

Energy Star Portfolio Manager training 

Energy Star Portfolio Manager training (ESPM)
Commitment: 2 hours

  • Customized training and coaching for ESPM navigation
  • Establish data inputs
  • Establish and read EUI and EUIt
  • Troubleshoot issues
Benefits of Accelerator participation

  • Comply with the Clean Buildings Law, early
  • We meet you where you are at with your building(s)
  • Leverage PSE support through the entire process
  • Save energy and reduce costs
  • Establish or extend persistent process improvements
  • Create scalable solutions for all of your buildings, even those below 50,000 SF
  • Organize activity around GHG reductions
  • Develop success stories for occupants, tenants or your customers


Initiative overview

The Clean Buildings Standard (HB 1257, 2019) was signed into law in May, 2019. It aims to lower energy and fossil fuel use in commercial buildings across Washington. Building owners with structures over 50,000 square feet were notified via hard-copy letters sent by Commerce in September of 2021. Compliance deadlines begin in 2026 depending on building size. Energy targets must be met and operational one year prior to building size deadlines or incur penalties.

Department of Commerce

The Washington State Department of Commerce is charged with creating energy performance standards and guidelines. They also provide limited-time early adopter incentives to encourage rapid adoption. These incentives can be coupled with PSE incentives. Timelines and many questions are addressed on the FAQ portion of the website. Additional compliance-related resources are also available. Building owners or staff begin the process by using the Clean Buildings Portal.

Energy Benchmarking

Energy Use Intensity (EUI) is an important element to benchmarking. Building owners can identify EUI in the required Energy Star Portfolio Manager tool. PSE offers its own EnergyCAP tool to assist building owners with uploading their PSE energy data automatically.

Contractor Assistance

The following links lead to growing directories of qualified persons and qualified energy auditors who can assist building owners to comply with the Law. PSE also maintains a list of prequalified commissioning professionals.

Washington Energy Policy Updates

Find out the latest developments of Senate Bill 5722, which may affect buildings 20,000 to 50,000 SF.

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