PSE Tree Pruning Schedule

Week of September 13, 2021

We will be pruning trees in the following areas to help maintain safe and reliable electric service.*

  • In Bellingham along Eculid Street
  • In Bellingham along Laurel Street and along 34th Street
  • In Bremerton along Phinney Bay Road and along 15th Street
  • In Bremerton along roads adjacent to Northlake Way and along Chico Way
  • In Bremerton along roads adjacent to Sylvan Way
  • In Ferndale along Harksell Road
  • In Issaquah along Rainier Boulevard
  • In Kirkland along Simonds Road Northeast
  • In Langley along Saratoga Road and along roads adjacent to Saratoga Road
  • In Olympia along Kaiser Road, Baker Road Southwest, and roads adjacent to Delphi Road Southwest
  • In Olympia along Springwood Avenue Northeast
  • In Puyallup along 17th Street
  • In Puyallup along roads adjacent to 122nd Street
  • In Ravensdale along Southeast Kent Kangley Road, Landsburg Road Southeast, and roads adjacent to Landsburg Road Southeast
  • In Redmond along Redmond Fall City Road
  • In Sammamish along Redmond Fall City Road, Southeast 8th Street, and Newport Way
  • In Thorp along Vantage Highway and along roads adjacent to Vantage Highway

*Subject to change