PSE Tree Pruning Schedule

Week of February 17, 2020

We will be pruning trees in the following areas to help maintain safe and reliable electric service.*

  • In Bellingham along roads adjacent to J Street and along roads adjacent to I Street
  • In Blaine along roads adjacent to H Street
  • In Blaine along Sunrise Road
  • In Carnation/Duvall/Unincorporated King County along Kelly Road, roads adjacent to Kelly Road, Northeast 113th Street, roads adjacent to Northeast 113th Street, 321st Avenue Northwest, roads adjacent to 321st Avenue Northeast, Northeast Big Rock Road, and roads adjacent to Northeast Big Rock Road
  • In Edgewood along 86th Street
  • In Kent along South 249th Street, South 242nd Street, South 243rd Street, South 252nd Street, 35th Avenue South, and 35th Place South
  • In Port Orchard along roads adjacent to Sidney Avenue
  • In Rochester along Nutmeg Street
  • In Sumner along 160th Avenue East
  • On Bainbridge Island along roads adjacent to Grand Avenue
  • On Vashon Island along roads adjacent to Westside Highway, roads adjacent to Vashon Highway, Glen Acres Rd Southwest, and Southwest 112th Street

*Subject to change