PSE Tree Pruning Schedule

Week of March 25, 2019

We will be pruning trees in the following areas to help maintain safe and reliable electric service.*

  • In Bothell/King County along Northeast 191st Street, roads adjacent to Northeast 191st Street, Northeast 193rd Street, and roads adjacent to Northeast 193rd Street
  • In Bremerton along roads adjacent to Marine Drive
  • In Concrete along Burpee Hill Road and along Dalles Road
  • In Custer along Olson Road and along roads adjacent to Vista Drive
  • In Edgewood along 40th Avenue
  • In Hobart/Maple Valley along Southeast 184th Street, 246th Avenue Southeast, 248th Avenue Southeast, 252nd Avenue Southeast, and roads adjacent to Southeast 184th Street
  • In Kingston along Hansville Road and roads adjacent to Hansville Road
  • In Kittitas along Number 6 Road, roads adjacent to Number 6 Road, Cleman Road, roads adjacent to Cleman Road, Tjossem Road, and roads adjacent to Tjossem Road
  • In Lacey along Marvin Road
  • In Olympia along Salmon Lane
  • In Port Orchard along roads adjacent to Glenwood Road Southwest
  • In Renton/King County along Southeast 128th Street, roads adjacent to Southeast 128th Street, Lake Kathleen Road, roads adjacent to Lake Kathleen Road Southeast, Southeast 144th Street, and roads adjacent to Southeast 144th Street
  • In Renton/Maple Valley along 196th Avenue Southeast and along Southeast 174th Street
  • In Skykomish along State Route 2, roads adjacent to State Route 2, Old Cascade Highway, and roads adjacent to Old Cascade Highway

*Subject to change