Back-up power options

If you have special health needs, operate critical equipment or just want the safety, comfort and security, you might consider installing a generator or battery energy storage system at your home or business to provide back-up power in the event of an outage.

Many requirements must be considered when purchasing, installing and operating a generator or battery system, and your safety is our top priority. If you already own a standby or portable generator, be sure you know how to operate it safely. Improper use may cause carbon monoxide poisoning, electrocution or fire. Find more generator safety tips here.

Back-up power purchase and installation

We can refer you to a pre-screened, independent PSE Recommended Energy Professional that can help you determine which type of generator or battery is right for your needs. These contractors have specific experience in generator and battery installation and are able to provide a complete, fully permitted and safe install.

PSE offers installation guidelines for customers who purchase their own standalone battery energy storage systems. For a number of reasons, it is not recommended that customers attempt to install batteries themselves.

  • Permanently installed generators

    Permanently installed generators are set up outside the home or business and connected to natural gas or propane fuel so they are ready to provide electricity if a power outage occurs.

    These units come in lockable, weather-protected enclosures and are designed to be in service for many years. An automatic transfer switch (ATS) starts and transfers your energy usage to the generator within seconds when utility-fed power is unavailable. When the utility-fed power returns, the ATS switches you back to the utility and automatically shuts down the generator, whether you are at home or away. These generators even test themselves weekly to ensure they’re ready 24/7.

  • Portable generators

    Portable generators are available from many retailers within PSE’s service area. Most are designed to be manually started and connected directly to individual electrical devices or connected to the home via a correctly and legally installed manual transfer switch. Most types are fueled by gasoline. Unlike permanently installed generators, portable generators will not operate without someone who will start, connect and constantly monitor their operation.

  • Battery systems

    Battery energy storage systems are another option to provide temporary back-up power during an outage and store excess electricity from rooftop solar. If you’re purchasing your own standalone battery, PSE offers installation guidelines. If you’re interested in installing solar with a battery for back-up power, visit our Customer Connected Solar page for more information.

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