Efficiency Boost

Make your home more comfortable with increased rebates

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Efficiency Boost helps make energy efficiency upgrades for your home more affordable. We’ve increased our rebates for income-qualified customers so you can work on improving your home without breaking the bank. You can be confident when making energy-saving home improvements that pay off in comfort and savings. To get started, establish your eligibility below and contact an Energy Advisor today.

Program Upgrade type What you get
Weatherization Attic Insulation R-11 or less to R-49 75% of cost up to $1,200
Floor Insulation R-11 or less to R-30 75% of cost up to $400
Wall Insulation R-0 to R-13 75% of cost up to $800
Prescriptive Duct Sealing and Insulation 75% of cost up to $800
Duct sealing only 75% of the cost up to $600
Prescriptive Air Sealing (attic and/or crawl space) 75% of cost up to $200 (per area)
Windows Windows, Single Pane to U30 $200 per window, up to $2,000
Water Heat Electric hybrid heat pump water heater: NEEA Northern Climate Tier 3 approved $100
Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater: ENERGY STAR® qualified $500
Natural Gas Storage Water Heater: ENERGY STAR® qualified $150
Space Heat Natural Gas Boiler: 95% AFUE $600
Natural Gas Furnace: 95% AFUE $600
Zonal electric resistance to ductless heat pump conversion - must be AHRI Certified® as a mini-split heat pump, have a minimum HSPF of 9.0, use inverter technology, and be a minimum of ¾ ton in heating mode. $1,600
Electric forced-air furnace to air source heat pump conversion - both traditional and ductless air source heat pump systems qualify. HSPF 8.5 for HP and 9.0 for DHP. $1,600

Visit our rebates page for a full list of customer, equipment and rebate requirements. Restrictions apply.

View Income Qualification Form here

  • Moderate Income Guidelines
    Household Size Minimum gross annual income * Maximum gross annual income
    1 $30,204 $42,758
    2 $39,497 $55,920
    3 $48,791 $69,072
    4 $58,084 $82,234
    5 $67,377 $95,386
    6 $76,671 $108,547
    7 $79,280 $110,899
    8 $88,240 $113,251
    9 $97,200 $115,603
    10 $106,160 $117,955

    * If your income is below the minimum income range, view "Other opportunities" below.

    View Income Qualification Form here.

  • How it works
    1. Review the income guidelines above, and contact an Energy Advisor (EA) to discuss eligibility. The EA will guide you through next steps and can provide referrals to Recommended Energy Professionals (REPs), who are approved to deliver Efficiency Boost rebates.

    2. Once you’ve selected a Recommended Energy Professional, they will ask you to sign an Income Qualification Form to confirm that you meet eligibility requirements prior to installation.

    3. After installation, the REP will submit your signed incentive application and Income Qualification Form to PSE and provide you with an instant rebate. Incentives will be paid directly to the REP, who will deduct the incentive amount from your invoice, reducing your out-of-pocket cost. You are responsible for paying the balance of the invoice.
  • Other opportunities

    If your income is below the minimum income range, you still may be eligible for Efficiency Boost, but it is recommended to first check out our no-cost Weatherization Assistance Program administered through your local community agency.

    If you live in a manufactured home, you may receive a higher rebate for making upgrades to your home. Weatherization Assistance may also be available to you.

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Note: Offers available to residential customers with PSE electricity or PSE natural gas as the primary source of home and/or water heating. Home must be permitted and built before 1990 to be eligible for insulation, whole house air sealing, and prescriptive duct sealing and insulation rebates. Duct sealing only applies to homes permitted and built before 2001; cannot be combined with other duct measures. Electric hybrid heat pump water heaters may also be eligible for additional retail or midstream incentives. Please visit pse.com/instant for more information. Rebates must be installed by an independent PSE Recommended Energy Professional (REP) pre-approved to provide Efficiency Boost rebates. Customer must meet income guidelines and be prequalified by PSE for Efficiency Boost rebates. Equipment must be installed after 8/10/2020 to qualify.